I was born in Beijing China in 1957. My family lived in a Qin Dynasty courtyard. The old and the post-communist eastern cultures influenced my thinking during my childhood.

After high school I was sent to the “countryside” and worked as a farmer for three years in a remote village in the mountains. In 1985 I traveled to the United States for graduate school education, at the age of 28.

I have spent the second twenty-eight years of my life in the United States. Since I left China, I have lived in the dichotomy of two worlds, East and West, Old and New. Where home is, and what home means, are questions I live with each day.

“In America−Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter” is a series that explores Asian-American identity through self-portraiture. The work focuses on my search for an emotional home and a sense of belonging. It is about leaving one culture behind and adapting to a new one. This work has renewed my deep appreciation of home and helped me make connections to my remote home in China and my new home in the Land of Freedom.

Over the years, the camera has become a vehicle for me to connect the internal and the external world, the physical and the emotional entities. Photographer Sam Abell said, “Art in photography rises from the life we live. Photography is not just about making art, it is about life itself”. For me, photography is about life, and it has also changed my life.